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Thai models and movie stars
5 links will be displayed in category Models and Thai Movie Stars

Thai Khun Film Reviews
Film reviews of Thai stars and others. A very updated and informative link regarding film reviews. This site also features many Asian film and movie stars

| hits 464 vote 1 rating 9.00 [Added: 2006-02-08] DEAD LINK | RATE IT | ALEXA'S |
A modeling agency looking for foreigners all nations all ages to play in commercials and movies,etc. send resumes to coolmodeling@gmail.com www.coolmodeling.thejobpro.com

| hits 375 vote 43 rating 9.98 [Added: 2006-04-28] DEAD LINK | RATE IT | ALEXA'S |
Pictures of Thai stars and models. This site has some nice photos of Thai models in addition to others.

| hits 556 vote 2 rating 8.00 [Added: 2005-05-05] DEAD LINK | RATE IT | ALEXA'S |
Tata Young Official Website
The official website for Thai super star Tata Young. This site is for her fans and keeps them updated with regard to her activities.

| hits 443 vote 2 rating 8.50 [Added: 2005-05-02] DEAD LINK | RATE IT | ALEXA'S |
This site has some beautiful photos of Thai models, idols and singers. Great site to view Thai stars.

| hits 741 vote 2 rating 7.50 [Added: 2005-05-05] DEAD LINK | RATE IT | ALEXA'S |

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